Nephrology Clinic Services

Our highly trained and board certified nephrologists will manage all aspects of kidney care specializing in hypertensive and diabetic kidney disease.  We have 9 convenient office locations in Austin and surrounding area.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Clinic

The primary goal of this clinic is to delay the progression of chronic kidney disease through education, nutrition and medical management.  These visits complement the physician's visit by closely examining all aspects of CKD.  These visits are performed by our highly skilled nurse practitioners and are offered at convenient times at our office locations.  Our nurse practitioners take great pride in thoroughly explaining disease processes and an organized plan of care.

Anemia Management Clinic

This clinic is for our patients who have chronic anemia ("low blood count") related to chronic kidney disease.  We closely monitor lab results and administer Procrit or Aranesp injections for the treatment of anemia.  Iron status and nutritional factors are also closely monitored.  This clinic is managed by our nurse practitioners and nurses with close consultation with and oversight by our Nephrologists.

Dialysis Services

Austin Kidney Associates is proud to work with Satellite Healthcare and Davita.  We have 11 advanced outpatient dialysis units located in Austin and the surrounding area.

Peritoneal Dialysis

We offer full peritoneal dialysis services.  Peritoneal dialysis is an option for patients requiring dialysis that allows them to perform dialysis at home and thus maintaining patient automony, free time and flexibility.  Peritoneal dialysis patients have very close contact on a weekly basis with experienced peritoneal dialysis nurses and monthly visits with our physicians.

Home Hemodialysis

Our home hemodialysis program offers greater freedom, flexibility and convenience with a daily dialysis option and fewer required office visits.  This modality can potentially reduce the need for existing medications, and patients doing daily home dialysis often report an improved feeling of well-being.

Nocturnal Dialysis

DaVita has the only nocturnal dialysis program in Austin.  This form of in-center nocturnal dialysis turns nonproductive sleep time into hemodialysis treatment time and provides greater flexibility for patients who are maintaining their work schedule or responsibilities at home during the day.  Patients receive hemodialysis in the dialysis center overnight for 6 to 8 hours while they sleep with close monitoring by the dialysis staff.

Austin Access Care

To further our goal of optimizing the quality of care for our dialysis patients, we have opened a vascular access treatment center solely for the management of dialysis access related problems.  This center helps reduce hospitalization and missed dialysis treatments by allowing our physicians to quickly resolve any access site problems and return the patient to their dialysis modality.

Care of Kidney Transplant Recipients

All of our physicians are active and committed with the care of kidney transplant patients.  We work in close conjunction with the patient's transplant center in this management.